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Kirsten Vibe Philippides

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                                                                                                                         Brooklyn, New York 11222

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                                                                                   Curriculum Vitae



I am Danish-born and have lived in the U.S.A. since 1960. I started painting in 1973.



Art Education:


Silvermine Guild of Artists (Art Academy) in New Canaan, Ct. 6 years - Portrait and Landscape Painting

Art Students’ League in New York City - Portrait Painting

Teachers: John Howard Sanden, Daniel Green and John McClelland.


I attended seminars in portrait painting at the National Portrait Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia and several times at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y. 

I have been a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists.  






Many art exhibitions in Northern Westchester


Danish Unibank Gallery in New York City


Danish Consulate General in New York City


Trygve Lie Gallery :


Paulina Rieloff Gallery,  Lexington Avenue in New York City in 1997 “Greek Odyssey” which included watercolors from the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Aegina. Also I have painted many scenes from Bali, Indonesia.


Each year for about 15 years I was commissioned by Historic Valley in Sleepy Valley, Westchester to paint scenes from some of the historical homes that this organization manages as well as landscapes from the Hudson River.


I also had an exhibition of watercolors from the country of Suriname, South America in a restaurant in Northern Westchester.


In 2009 I am invited to take part in an exhibition" From Our Viewpoint" ; a contemporary arts show in New York City Spring 2009. 





I have for the last 35 years been commissioned to innumerable oil portraits of children, adults and pets. My commissioned portraits and watercolors  hang all over the U.S., in England, Portugal, Japan, Denmark and Peru.


In Tokyo I have been commissioned to paint the grandmother, the daughter and the granddaughter of a prominent wedding kimono manufacturer. I was even invited to attend the wedding of their daughter in Tokyo. On that occasion I presented the bride and bridegroom with a portrait of bride and groom.


My portraits are rendered most often in oil, but I have also done a couple of portraits in pastels. They are painted in an impressionistic light style. Occasionally I have painted a whole family including the family pets in one large canvas.


In addition to portraits of people I have also painted pets, dogs and cats as well as commissioned landscapes and house portraits.


I mostly work from photos that I take or photos that my clients take. I come to people’s homes to photograph, and I always endevour to catch the subject’s likeness.

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